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What is "Our World"? 

Be the Change 

          Our World is a trendy clothing brand that's sole purpose is to place a positive impact on the world. Our trademark ,"Be The Change," was influenced by Gandhi's infamous quote, "we must live the changes we want to see in the world." The quote & our trademark spark the notion that each individual has the capacity to change the world for the better.  By buying from our brand and supporting our message, you are contributing to the formation of a flourishing society. You are helping the underdeveloped and famished, the sick and wounded & the impoverished and discriminated. 

Priya Khare



The Formation of Our World

             I started this business because I believe that humanity should be revolved around a collective being. I believe that each person should play a part in helping society as a whole. However small or big, each contribution has a part in the formation of a sound society. To me, wealth and power are societal constructs that have created chaos within communities. I realized that these constructs, are not innately what make people happy. The experiences that spark real "joy," are those that stem from the person's passions or relationships. To me real joy came from helping others, and using my passions to do so. 


It is my hope, that one day this brand can impact millions across the globe.

                                         Yours Truly, 

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