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Our World Black Ombré

Why Is the Lettering Backwards?
F L I P P ED - A Clothing Line 

The clothing line “FLIPPED,” represents each person’s capacity to spark a positive change in the world. The “Our World” brand design is backwards to depict a dichotomy of the good and the evil in the world. The evil is depicted by the flipped lettering which represents everything backwards (wrong)—systematic oppression, prejudice, poverty, hunger—in the world. The good is portrayed when a person looks in the mirror, and sees the words in a readable format (unflipped). Viewing the unflipped words is supposed to be a metaphor that you (the person in the mirror), are capable of initiating a change that fixes the evil in the world (flipped lettering—the bad). 






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Our World Black Ombré

SKU: 00000017
  • This item must be hand washed to keep from excessive tarnish. 

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